Bhumi Scholarship Process

Bhumi provides scholarships to students

from poor and disadvantaged economic backgrounds through its Bring Smiles Programme. If you are a student/parent looking for support or know someone who can be benefitted, read below for more information.

Bring Smiles programme will support:
-Students with maximum annual family income of Rs.2-2.5 lakh per annum.
-The student must have scored a minimum of 75% in the previous year.

Children who have lost their parent(s) and of parents working in the informal sector (housemaids, security guards, delivery persons etc.). Higher education scholarships are merit-based with students in Govt. and Govt aided colleges getting preference.

The Bhumi team validates each request to confirm the economic situation of the family, the need for financial assistance and authenticity of the fee requirement along with academic progress of the student.

Bring Smiles scholarships are almost always paid directly to the educational institutions. Reimbursements to parents are done for books, uniform and other support. Reimbursements on submission of receipts are also considered under exceptional circumstances like a death in the family.

The parent or guardian shares regular progress reports which decide continued support and are also shared with donors.

Every year the scholarship is reviewed for academic progress and renewal decisions are made. On successful demonstration of academic excellence/ progress the profile of the scholar (student) will be renewed for successive years.

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