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Our Solution

At Bhumi, we identified the pressing need for quality education among the children from underprivileged families early on, and have been supporting the education of such children at shelter homes/orphanages and communities since 2013. We believe that going to school is the first step towards education, which later helps in building self-esteem, confidence and leadership qualities among children. These qualities are important for children as they can help in providing them with better employment opportunities and also in breaking out of the cycle of poverty.

The Impact

Bhumi is striving to sponsor school and college education for as many children from underprivileged backgrounds as possible by providing them with scholarships. In the year 2019 – 2020, 3,971 children across India have been provided with scholarships (covering annual fees) and monitored for academic excellence. The programme has not just brought out school toppers but also helped shape engineering, medical and financial service professionals. By making a small donation of Rs. 1,000, you can help Bhumi provide a better and a more secure future for an economically disadvantaged child.